Monday, November 20, 2006

True Story

I paid five bucks for a copy of Dungeoneer Journal #23 just so I could lay my hands on a copy of this fullpage illo:

'Ignore it.  It's only an old well.'Finding the magazine containing this illo at our local con led me to becoming a collector of The Dungeoneer, a great little rag published by Judges Guild and edited by Paul Jacquays. The Dungeoneer and another JG mag, Judges Guild Journal, later merged to form the The Dungeoneer Journal. I don't have any other issues of DJ, but by issue 23 Jacquays is no longer at the helm and something seems lost thereby. Jacquays went on to have a stint editing Dragon.

Over the next week or two I plan on digging through my Dungeoneers and hitting you all with some old school goodness.