Sunday, November 05, 2006

C-U Run Club '07?

I got this from Treasure Tables (thanks, Martin!). Last month on ars luddi Ben Robbins blogged about a concept he calls Run Club. I've been talking about something similar on and off for years now, a round robin series of one-shots with rotating GMs. Veteran GMs would get to play (a rarity for some) and have the freedom to bust out something experimental. Novice GMs would get to a chance to run something in a friendly, open environment and would get the push of being required to run something. The maniacal Dave Hoover was interested in this idea last time I brought it up and coeli has mentioned getting together for another one-shot like the Blue Rose test run we did a while back. Now, I don't have room on my schedule for even another monthly game right now, but do y'all think we could plan a quarterly or every other month thing and make it work?

So let me out line my proposal in full: The Run Club would be composed of four to six people, all of whom are committed to GMing at least once in '07. We meet either every other month or every third month. No part of a meeting is spent in character generation. Each GM either pregenerates characters or provides detailed chargen instructions or otherwise works out characters ahead of time. GMs have sole discretion when picking their game, but are advised that the point of the exercise is not to test folks' comfort zones. (e.g. If you want to run FATAL to try out the basic engine that might work, but I ain't rolling on any Wandering Rape Charts or anything like that.) I'd be happy to host all the meetings, but if someone else wanted to take a turn playing host that would be okay too. The commitment to participate would be for the year 2007 and we'd schedule enough meetings so that everyone would run at least once. A groupblog or yahoo group or somesuch would be used to coordinate the club and for general discussion of the games.

Any takers? Anything I'm missing?