Saturday, November 04, 2006

Summon George

Here's one of my favorite Arduin passages.
It seems a lot of people like Power Swords, Force Blades, Energy Sabres, Monomolecular Filament Edged Swords and the like. Well, I guess I am as guilty as anyone else on this account, because a couple of years ago I gave out a Sword that had an edge of Mu Mesons which cut across the magnetic lines of force that bind atoms together. George, the character that received the damn thing, then went on his nonchalant way, wreaking utter havoc wherever he went, on friends as well as foes. One DM after another saw his most cherished Ugly blown away without even a faretheewell! And more than one friend was sliced neatly in two as George's sword lopped off the attacking ugly's arm and his arm/sword continued around its arc right through anyone standing near him! It got to be so that nearly no DM or player in the area wanted to see George headed his way. It was obviously not a good situation, but as it turned out one of my fellow DMs had the answer. George was sent on a terrible quest by his patron god: he must fight his way down thirteen Levels to the very bottom of a dread and feared dungeon. If he survived, he would be enlisted into the ranks of demigods that surround all the more mighty of the gods, and if he failed , well, that would be that. To everyone's surprise, George succeeded and is now among the rank of the demigods. There are also a couple of scrolls that Summon George and the possessors of them are rightly feared by all! George is happy, the DMs are happy, and I think I learned my lesson. Now where'd I put my light saber...?
--Dave Hargrave's Welcome to Skull Tower: The Arduin Grimoire vol. II (1978)