Wednesday, February 08, 2012

crowdsourced Caves of Myrddin rumors

Before my con game I asked folks on Google+ to contribute to a rumors list to share with the new players.  Below are all the rumors now in circulation.  Fair warning: some of these may be true.
  • A rich Spaniard set off into the caves a little while back and hasn't been seen since. He had a ring on him with a ruby the size of a baby's fist. [The Spaniard is dead. His ring has not been found.]
  • Giant turtles are possessed by demons! Avoid them at any cost!
  • If you encounter humanoids who are purple or another bright, unnatural color, you must fight to the death - if you are captured, they will take you back to the horrible realm of Carcosa to be ravished and sacrificed.
  • A brownie with a gold waistcoat knows a secret way into the dragons treasure room.
  • A magical Pig roams the land. If you eat him, you will be granted a Wish!  [This one got a priest with a taste for pork into a bit of trouble.]
  • The keeper of the gate will let you pass for the price of a freshly-caught perch.
  • Gleichman the Warpoodle has risen from his resting place and is trying to eat all of the crows in town when he materialises on each crescent moon.
  • A halfling-sized air duct in a torture room leads to the dragon's lair.
  • Certain so-called "Adventurers" are said to travel to "other worlds." In fact, they are members of an Invasion Force and should be killed on sight!
  • Vampires are deathly afraid of buckets.
  • Flying cobra venom is powerful enough to kill ghouls. They sleep during the day, somewhere in the wet cave.
  • Broken mirrors indicates a medusa is nearby.
  • Orcs are extinct in Cornwall and Wessex.
  • Some say the only way to defeat Joe Mama is to kill him...
  • Hostile goblins will regard you as friends if you state the secret "Huxley College Motto".
  • If you run into a fairy with a pet octopus, speak backwards. If you don't she inverts your name, forcing you to become your new name. That is how all the Orcs were turned into crows.
  • The vampires love gambling.
  • The last dragon in England lairs somewhere below the South Tower.
  • The four towers of Castle Dundagel are actually just the same tower at different ages of time. If you cross between towers below the surface you risk becoming hopelessly lost in the past or future.  [The player who got this one decided her PC believed this religiously and opposed all efforts to travel between the towers.]
  • The seaside caves are the back door to the dragon's lair.
  • The hundreds of crows that perch among the ruins of Dundagel are said to be agents of a crow like monster that haunts the dungeons below.
  • A murderous clown stalks the passages of the dungeon.


  1. May I suggest a late entry?

    "The treasure in the dungeon is a myth cooked up by King Stephen to keep the good fighting-men of the land from joining up with Maude, the rightful ruler."

  2. The guy sitting next to me kept trying to find a "virgin" for some purpose or other - that wasn't a rumor?

  3. I must have missed one: Naked virgins taken to the caves can ward off all monsters.

    Why anyone would believe that I don't know.

  4. Anonymous2:25 PM

    All of these should be true. IT ALL MAKES SENSE.

  5. When i made up the bit about the Spaniard i had no idea you had an actual Spaniard wandering around Wessex. Kind of ironic that I'm also the one who ended up putting the Spaniard down. Where's my ring?!? ;)