Friday, February 03, 2012

Caves of Myrddin update

Gaze into the eyes of
the dragon and despair.
Philip the Bloody, Blixa the Thief and Abe the Talking Dog beam into the Dungeons of Dundagel Star Trek style.  How did they get here?  Where did they come from?  Hell if I know.  What I do know is that they arrive in a smoky chamber that Taurus Hells-heart, Ool the Dandy, Edern the Thief, Father Jack, Girly the Torchbearer and Saira the Elf Maiden are desperately trying to barricade.  Something about a big blue spider on the other side, who seems to be immune to both fire and weapons.  Soon the scythelike blades of the spider start to pierce the door while the party hastens through a secret door and down a ladder.  They hide out in one of the haunted prisoner cells after Philip disintegrates the skeletons found therein.  Using Phantasmal Forces, Philip lures the spider down into a smoke-filled cavern below.  After some noise they hurry back up the ladder to make their escape.  Father Jack, the last one up the ladder, looks back just long enough to stare right into the serpent eyes of the last dragon in medieval England, who miraculously opts neither to pursue nor fry the priest.

Later most of the party go get drunk at the Blue Rabbit.  Since the only treasure found this expedition was the some measly equipment yanked off the corpse of some pit-slain dwarf, Blixa ends up buying drinks for everyone.  Saira and Father Jack both blow their carousing saves, allowing me to deploy my brand new double secret customized Blue Rabbit carousing mishaps chart!  Huzzah!  Father Jack pisses off the new bugbear bouncers, getting a beating and ending up with a broken right foot.  Father Jack is run by Michael Moscrip, who ran the session where the bugbears were recruited.  Ain't FLAILSNAILS great?  Meanwhile a drunken Saira drunkenly borrows 300gp from the Cornish mafia to drunkenly buy a partial map of the ruins of Dundagel, only to discover it's the map Taurus made this session and misplaced while he was also drunk.

No loot found.  Lots of gold expended.  PCs running for fear of their lives only to be trapped between two monsters.  Pretty much a perfect run from the DMs point of view.


  1. By the way, it reminds me one situation from many years ago when I was playing ADOM. I was in the room with stairway leading down. At the other side of the door there was, IIRC, Emperor Lich, able to kill me with one Death Ray. Down stairs there was room with Great Karmic Wyrm.

    I started a new char :D

  2. Rarely have so many done so little and enjoyed it so much. Great session!

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