Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wizardly Wednesday

Let me tell you of the days of high adventure...


  1. Anonymous6:26 AM

    I don't care what people say, I would drive that van with pride.

  2. That's not a van, but a pipe-weed container.

  3. But does the van in the mural have a smaller wizard on it..?

  4. Let me tell you of the days of high adventure...

    The 70s?

  5. Something something driven before you...
    Something something lamentations of the women.

    Awesome pic!

  6. From the Band called BOTTO - Turning Into a Heavy Metalhead

    Strange senations coming over me
    Something I can't explain
    Suddenly there's an endless void
    Where I used to keep my brain
    I've gotta see a doctor
    But I'm too wasted to phone one
    Wanna customize my van
    And I don't even own one

  7. It was a time of wonders...

  8. I really miss the days where van panels were canvasses for beautiful murals, like this. It brings into stark contrast the homogeneous fleets of mini-vans and SUVs that punctuate the urban blandscape.

  9. He was the wizard of a thousand kings and a chance to meet him one night wandering.
    He told me tales and he drank my wine. Me and my magic man kinda feeling fine.
    He had a cloak of gold and eyes of fire. And as he spoke I felt a deep desire
    to free the world of its fear and pain and help the people to feel free again.

  10. TheMetal111:04 AM

    Misty morning, clouds in the sky
    Without warning, a wizard walks by
    Casting his shadow, weaving his spell
    Funny clothes, tinkling bell

    Never talking
    Just keeps walking
    Spreading his magic

    Evil power disappears
    Demons worry when the wizard is near
    He turns tears into joy
    Everyone's happy when the wizard walks by

    Sun is shining, clouds have gone by
    All the people give a happy sigh
    He has passed by, giving his sign
    Left all the people feeling so fine

  11. What an awesome picture. I'm going to put a conversion van in my dungeon now.

  12. High adventure...hee, hee.