Monday, April 18, 2011

nanofiction times four

Several years ago I got into the silly cardgame Fluxx by Andrew and Kristin Looney of Looney Labs.  The website for Looney Labs features quite a few odd little corners, including a page devote to nanofiction, short stories with exactly 55 words.  I don't write a lot of fiction but the idea of hitting that 55 word mark exactly seemed like an interesting challenge.  So here are my four attempts at the form, all from 2002 or so.

A Cockatrice in Shropshire [Inspired by a passage in one of Ken Hite's Suppressed Transmissions.]

Three rustics had been petrified and then the old vicar was turned to stone. A passing burgher recommended the services of a certain witch. The woman was summoned and charged with disposing of the monster. With a handful of corn and earnest clucking she led the beast into a bog. It was never seen again.

Unkind Surfaces [Based upon a recurring nightmare featuring Hem Dazon.]

What does it want? Every time I look in a mirror it stares back at me, coldly. At first it lingered just out of the corner of my eye, hovering at the periphery. Now it stands right behind me, silently watching. I can’t drive; its reflection sits in the back seat. I can’t even shave.

A Young Man Seeks His Fortune [A background piece for a Palladium Fantasy PC. The campaign lasted maybe 2 sessions]

When grandma died the young bastard knew he had to leave the farm. He had grown fat and lazy under her wing. Before the others finished weeping he stole what he could and fled. A cruel deed, but he knew they all hated him. He and his big belly would take on the world together.

The Sea Puppy [Another Palladium PC. I can't remember why I made 2 guys.]

His first voyage turned out to be his last. He did what he could around the ship when able, but the last straw was when he proved useless in his first boarding action.. He couldn’t blame the captain for sending him packing upon their return to port. After all, what good is a seasick pirate?


  1. Inspiring! I think those Looney Labs folks are from my neck of the woods.

  2. I really love those who work on Looney Labs!

  3. "Seasick Pirate" sounds like a blog, to me.

    Capcha: Psenis. No, I'm not kidding. Some sort of telepathic abilities infused in it?