Friday, April 22, 2011

campaign map update

(Click to embiggen.)

So with this latest draft I made three changes to the Wessex Campaign map.

  1. Clearly marked my best guess as to the two hexes that encompass the majority of the Salisbury Plain.  As with a Wilderlands-type map, plain light green hexes are assumed to be lightly wooded, so I wanted the one open plain to show up on the map. 
  2. Shrunk most of the city, town, etc. icons.  They were crowding up the map at their original size.  In Hexographer you can change the size of the icon tool by sliding down to the bottom of the Icon list, clicking the "Override Icon Scaling" box and changing the default size from 80% of the hex to whatever percent you want.  I left the icon for Devizes Castle alone, to remind me that joint is the biggest, most elaborate castle on the map.
  3. Upgraded Bristol from a nameless village to an important urban area.  It's marked with its earlier name, Brygstowe.  The modern L sound at the end apparently comes from the native Bristolian tendency to add that sound to any word that ends with a vowel.  Mentions of Bristol and its castle in a couple books about the Anarchy convinced me that the place needed a power-up.


  1. I can't read the text on the map, too many curls. Otherwise, looks good.

  2. I readily admit I am too much in love with that font.

  3. This makes me really happy. I've been to some of these places in real life, and I also recognize a lot of the names from a Pendragon Great Campaign that I played in for three and a half years. Great work!

  4. Also Jeff, in Hexographer you can globally change the size of a particular type of icons (say cities or towns or castles or mines, etc.) by going to the "configure hexes" tab, switching to the "features" and setting the percentages there. So you can make all your city icons 60% instead of 80%... or all your lighthouse icons can be 55%. Then you would only have to individually override a few. (The control you point out is the individual override.)

  5. Ha! I always find the hard way to do something first.

  6. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Nice map :)
    I bet your campaign is cool.