Thursday, May 14, 2009

you need more game stuff

Retro Stupid Productions proudly announces...

The Miscellaneum of Cinder

A 36-page booklet of vaguely useful dice charts for games involving mythic underworlds and legendary fire-breathing lizards. Words by me, interior illos by my buddy Pat.

Print-on-Demand and PDF download editions for sale at the Old School Renaissance lulu storefront for $5.50 (plus shipping & mishandling) and $1.00 respectively. While you're at lulu don't forget to check out other cool stuff at places like Cumberland Games & Diversions and Flying Mice.

Limited print run Extra Special Edition available directly from me for trade only. Email me at with the title "trade for book". Of course you can offer anything you want in trade but I'm primarily interested in your own homemade game stuff. This is not an auction or a game of wheeler-dealer, make your awesomest offer up front. If I accept your offer you ship your item to me at your expense and I send you a copy of the Extra Special Edition at my expense. I'm not going to screw around a long time with the Extra Special Edition, so please hop on this right away if you're interested.


  1. "Broadly compatible with most games involving deadly underworld environs and magical flying dinosaurs with acute halitosis."

    *This* should be the new standard disclaimer for the OSR. :)

    Email of Bribing +3 to follow.

  2. Sweet :3

    I especially like the People To Meet, Carousing and Loot Storage Alternatives tables!

    Damn good stuff here, dude ;3

  3. Damn, everthing I write for me is in Spanish...

    I think you won't be interested in that :(

  4. I was just giving your carousing chart the big thumbs up over at the Troll Lord forum, so count me in a person happy to see this launched.

    So what if the only homemade bits you have to offer are already freely downloadable?

  5. So what if the only homemade bits you have to offer are already freely downloadable?Actually, the majority of the homemade charts in the Miscellaneum have not appeared on this blog or elsewhere.

  6. My bribe....errr I mean offer has been sent!

  7. Santiago,

    1) Maps with Spanish labels might work.

    2) Or something you didn't make yourself that's in English.

    3) Or buy the PDF and make your own booklet.

  8. "So what if the only homemade bits you have to offer are already freely downloadable?"

    Actually I was referring to my own possible bribe. But that does answer a question regarding the content.

    At any rate, I just ordered a copy.

  9. Ah... so the Extra Special Edition has no "Extra" material when compared to the one on Lulu?

    Anyway, I think I've got something...

  10. You should later blog about all the wierd goodies you recieved from other people :)

  11. Santiago said...
    You should later blog about all the wierd goodies you recieved from other people :)

    I agree, seeing as I'm sending some "wierd goodies..."

  12. I just purchased the PDF, and I love it!

    But I'm a little curious why the link under "What are the Goblins up to?" leads to the Paizo Pathfinder general discussion page...

  13. Woody, Paizo shuffled it to the archives, I think it should go to should go to:
    , a thread expanding Jeff's table.

  14. Anonymous3:04 AM

    For a dollar? How can I resist?!?

    ....and just nine pages in, I've already got my money's worth. "The events leading to his canonization are obscure." This is pure genius!

  15. Bought the PDF in a heartbeat. I hope you'll keep putting stuff on Lulu!

  16. Every day I ask myself, "How can I be more like Jeff?" Well, today I have found that answer, and it only costs $1! :)

    Thanks, Jeff!

  17. "9. Lava - Every dungeon could use more lava." Love it!
    Thank Jeff! This is great!

  18. Richy Kay8:18 AM

    I love your charts and stuff, but man, that is one of the most half-assed covers I have ever seen. That's ok though. It's what's on the inside that counts.

  19. Sorry to let you down on the cover, Richy. I was actually shooting for a "full ass" rather than "half ass".

  20. Richy Kay7:29 PM

    We shall endeavor to persevere.

  21. I got my copy a couple days ago and put up a "review" on my Troll & Flame Blog. Probably way late, I'm sure most people already got theirs. But TMoC was cool enough I couldn't resist.