Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Brynnerday!

I barely recognized a very young Shatner in this pic, thanks to the decidely un-Shat-tastic haircut. Look at Shatner's eyes. Can you see the seething jealously as he admires/covets that awesome plumage?

Shatner's first big film role came in 1956 as the youngest of the Brothers Karamazov, starring alongside Lee J. Cob, Richard Basehart and Yul freakin' Brynner. Yul Brynner is cool enough he could support his own weekly web celebration, but I will leave that to others.

Jason Brezinski sent me this pic. Thanks, dude!


  1. If the Shatner had pointy brows he'd be Spock!

  2. Shatner and Brynner?

    It's as if a coolness black hole should form from which no coolness could escape.

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  4. My, God, Man!

    haha, I've never seen this movie - looks like a must-netflix!