Friday, May 29, 2009

once again, five links

A 98-page Timeline of historical and esoteric world events

10 Most Fascinating Natural Phenomena

least funny Comedy Goldmine ever

Ten Beautiful Computers

your mom


  1. I never made the connection before but that picture of red tides makes it pretty obvious to me it's the origin of "seas of blood" and "water to wine" myths.

    Those ice Penitentes remind me of salt formations I saw in Death Valley. <-- Cool terrain to base an adventure.

    From one of those pages -- Eagle Hunters of Mongolia. I know what kind of pets the next group of goblins my characters encounter will have.

    And scribd is ass.

  2. Yes, but with bats. Definitely goblins with trained hunting bats.

    (WV was "igatsess". Imagine a demon that sounds like Gollum from the LotR movies. "My precioussssss... I gateses in so many friendssssss from the dark pitsssssss of the abysssss..."