Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a sheepish five links

Last night I sat down to do another post about saving throws. I also opened another tab at the wikipedia solar system portal. By bedtime all I had done was this. However, I did find this and this, which any sci-fi GM ought to check out. But I'm not quite sure how spending two and a half hours reading about planets ended me up here. (That last one has a few NSFW images.)

(Admit it, you clicked the NSFW one first, didn't you?)


  1. To be fair I clicked it second...

    Because I didn't read the whole post to begin with.

  2. "Expedition" first. But then I'm a raging Barlowe fanboi, and I loved "Alien Planet". ;)

  3. That's quite a haul you've dragged out of the digital dungeon named Internet. Snaiad is quite a find. And it's nice to see some of Barlowe's pics online because my books of his are coming apart at the seams.

  4. Wow. Great links. I had no idea people did stuff like this. These are campaigns just waiting to happen!

    And I still haven't clicked on the NSFW link... alright, might in a second. ;)

  5. Thanks for these, especially the third and fourth links.

    I clicked the links in order as I read the post...I must be less than a man.

  6. That xkcd comic is so damn true! I do that with Wikipedia,, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and and the larger fiction/based Wikis (Memory Alpha, Wookieepedia, and such).

    When I first find them, I would go all night looking up everything! By the morning, my eyes are blood-shot, and I got tabs up the Ying-Yang! Like When I first discovered the TV Tropes and Idioms site, I started at Jump the Shark, and [after countless hours and tabs latter] I ended the day with Innocent Fanservice Girl and Hello Nurse.

    Somehow, ending off a personal academic binge with smut is the natural state with the internet. =P

  7. Yeah, I must also be... less that I used to be. I clicked the links in order as I was reading them.

    Impressive stuff!

  8. Anonymous4:59 AM

    NSFW doesn't apply to me, I did click it first. But really a lot of it looked very safe for a work atmosphere. Or I was looking in the wrong place.

  9. "Admit it, you clicked the NSFW one first, didn't you?"

    Um, no - no way. You can't prove I did!

    Okay, okay, I clicked that one first. And let me tell you: I was very disappointed. I expect much more from content labeled NSFW. (Judging from what I saw on that page, you might just as well have rickrolled us with that last link. :P)

  10. You guys obviously didn't flip through as many pages as I did. I found plenty of stuff that clearly would get one in trouble with the boss.

  11. Again, I am loving the ability to read blogs :). The backlog brought me here, and now... I have some very interesting concepts to play with.