Monday, May 04, 2009

update on my book

So over the weekend I laid out The Miscellaneum of Cinder, my book of stupid dice charts that's been an on-again, off-again project for the last three or four months. I've uploaded a copy to lulu and ordered one. When that arrives if there's nothing wrong with my copy then I'll start selling it to the general public. Of the 36 interior pages one is a title page, one is a brief introductory note and one is a bibliography of sorts. The rest of the book is devoted to charts you throw dice at to see what comes up. A few charts will be familiar to Gameblog readers. The dungeon escape chart and carousing rules spring to mind in that regard. Some of the charts are basic meat and potatoes. I'm thinking here of the back section that is nothing but d20 charts loaded with pregenerated treasure types. The rest of the book is all new stuff meant to put a little crazy into your game. The illustrations are by my buddy Pat (who did the Grisly Sphere and Wampler illos in Fight On! #4).

There will be three different versions of The Miscellaneum available as simultaneous releases. The print-on-demand version will be $5.50 and available from the Old School Renaissance storefront. The PDF download will be a buck and at the same place. I guess technically I'll have a store of my own at Lulu, but I'm pointing people to OSR. Maybe you'll see something else you'll want to pick up while you're there.

Finally, I'm making my own 'extra special edition' booklets for those of you who'd prefer to deal with me rather than lulu, even knowing you'll get a less-than-professional ashcan edition by going that route. There's a catch though. The extra special edition is not for sale. At least not for mere money. If you want one of these bad boys you need to trade for it. You send me something cool, I send you a Miscellaneum in return. We both pay our own shipping and call it even. The process will work something like this:

1) I post here that the book is out.
2) You email me "will trade X for a special edition"
3) I say yay or nay. No dickering.
4) If I say yay you send me your item, when I get it I send you a copy.

Please note that I will not consider any offers received before the release date. Also I'm only making like ten copies of the extra special edition, because I don't want to go broke mailing a bunch these things out to people.

I am primarily interested in getting something game-related that you made yourself. It doesn't have to be up to any professional standard of presentation, just something I can read and maybe use in my own game. Or maybe I'll just talk about it in a future blog post. Another option is to try to pass off on me some crappy old supplement or module you'd like to be rid of. Doesn't hurt to try. Regular readers of this blog ought to know the kind of crap that might amuse me, so feel free to offer stuff that isn't directly game-related.


  1. "One copy of Jeff's Bumper Fun Book please Lulu."

    That said, I might have a root through the tat piles and see if there's something that'll tickle your fancy. ;)

  2. Congrats on getting something out! That totally rocks!

  3. Settembrini12:06 PM

    This is the post I´ve been waiting for.

  4. Officially my favorite OSR contest.

  5. I'm going to be all over this.

  6. i rolled d4 and got "i say yay or nay". What does that get me? ;)

  7. With regard to the extra special hand made issue, that's not a lot of notice to compete for such a prize. I hope you plan to do something similar in a few months time with campaign material or gaming ideas.

    Until then I have nothing to tempt you with except perhaps some tear-stained poems I wrote to various dismissive beauties when I was a boy.

  8. I have some recent dungeons that would make a great trade...bad news is I am leaving the country for the next 4 weeks. I am not sure they even have mail in the backwater, Borat town I am going to! Think you can delay the "official release" a bit?!?!?

  9. Dudes, just buy the PDF and make your own booklet. Kinkos can even do it for you.

  10. I know. I was kidding.