Friday, May 15, 2009

booklets is awesome

Hmm. A mysterious enruned box. I think I'll check for traps before I open it.


Better search the bottom for secret compartments and stuff.

Oh, ho! Hopefully the party hasn't spotted these and I can slip them into my beltpouch!

Encumbrance is an important consideration when selecting dungeoneering equipment.


  1. Encumbrance is an important consideration when selecting dungeoneering equipment.True, but you can always beat a flumph to death with a fiend folio.

  2. Anonymous1:53 AM

    Regarding "What you're watching" - aren't the Movellans cool?

  3. Yes, the Movellans are stone cold awesome. I'm considering using them in my next Encounter Critical adventure.

  4. Hey! I saw that Thief!

    Cool, weird seeing R&R printed out and in someone's hands...kinda creepy. :)

  5. As a kidlet I always found Movellan chicks to be inexplicably hot.

    Of course, I was playing a LOT of FASA Doctor Who in those days ...

  6. Oh, point of trivia: did you make that EC booklet using the "Raster Master" or the "Clean Booklet" PDF? I'm always curious to know which one folks are more likely to use.

    One of these days I need to do a third "Stressed Hybrid Master" booklet file ...

  7. I used the Clean Booklet version from the files section of the yahoo group. Also, I turned the insert page inside out, just 'cause I could.

  8. Settembrini10:45 PM

    Cool beans! Where did you get your copy of UA from, btw?

  9. I picked it up at a local used book store. It's stamped as having been discarded by my local public library. I can't figure out why they got rid of this copy. The spine is damaged but easily reglued. I haven't done it yet just because I consult UA once in a blue moon. I only had it out recently to look up Gary's harpoon rules for use with OA barbarians from northern climes.