Monday, January 19, 2009

something I learned this weekend

Googling up decent pics of Turanga Leela is not hard, providing you are willing to slog through a metric assload of Futurama-themed porn. I know enough about the internet to expect to see some porn pretty much every time I use Google image search. But man, looking for a good Leela shot to use as a PC pic resulted in an amazingly high porn to not-porn ratio. Way to go, sweaty nerds of the internet! If I could draw worth a damn I'd no doubt waste some portion of my time on similar projects.

Anyway, here are the four contenders for use as a cycloptic mutant in my post-apocalyptic Encounter Critical game for Winter War.

Centaur Leela would be a lock if she were holding a zap gun. Space Princess Leela definitely fits the "when in doubt sex it up" ethos of Encounter Critical. Fanart Leela is probably what I'll go with here. You get a zap gun and her wrist gizmo but a totally different art sensibility without losing the sense of the character. And the background is neat.