Tuesday, January 27, 2009

one of these things is not like the other

I honestly couldn't tell you who is cooler, Swashbuckler Dwarf with the suave wardrobe and gorgeous beard, Androgynous Hobbit with the lipstick and piercing stare, or Minga the Merciless. That sorceress may be the greatest fully clothed adventuress I've ever seen. When was the last time you saw this fabulous of an adventuring party?

That poor schmuck in the helmet is toast. He can't be anything other than a meatshield to the other three. Maybe they'll keep him around for a while like some sort of pet sword-monkey, but eventually they'll tire of his drab antics and make sure he falls in a pit or is eaten by a grue.


  1. Oh come on, everyone needs a straight man...

  2. And every party needs a meatshield.

    Is this a repack of the older Grenadier AD&D Dungeon Explorers set? 'Cuz I recognized those three characters the moment I saw them - IIRC, that halfling was the only model in that set I actually painted.

  3. Anonymous9:39 AM

    If you ask me, I´d say Helmet-Dude is also up to something.

    exhibit 1)
    he has a arabian-style dagger. usually you´ll only get one of those, if you are initiated into arabian manhood. How did he got hold of his?

    exhibit 2)
    he is wearing his belt over his belly button. men wear theirs below their belly. only Urkel wears his trousers this high! Wait, but maybe he isn´t a dude at all...

    exhibit 3)
    his collar. A jester´s-chain-collar, or a cthuloid metal-star-being that he slew and turned into part of his dress? Or that is still alive and is controlling him?

  4. I know that guy ... that's my character! In every game I played back in the 80's.

    Not the figure, mind you; the attitude. I was the put-upon meat shield who never got the -10 armor class or the sword with the "Heal" on it.

    The dagger is a measly +1 that nobody else in the party wanted. The star is the from the Chainmail +1 that's been kicking around the party since we were third level.

    This is the character that gets slapped down to negative hp's every single time, but doesn't have the fortune to actually die so the player can roll up somebody more interesting.

    And I salute Grenadier for making a figure for guys like that!

  5. So the first thing that caught my eye was the sorceress. And then the first thing that went through my head was "Flash! Ah-aaaah! Savior of the universe!"

  6. Great. Now I'm going to be imagining Flash Gordon meets "Bad D&D Movies" all day.

    Androgynous Frodo! Oh wait, that was already done...

  7. I read it as "Dungeon Experience." Then I realized that guy plays bass.

  8. That beard is gorgeous! Clearly no standard ointment or conditioner is going to get a rich, behaving, sheen like that. Energy and control! There must be some magic elf juice that dwarf got a hold of to get his beard to that level. And his comb and brush set is probably made with something like the bones of a bronze dragon and the bristles of a blink dog.

  9. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Helmet-dude has a red shirt. Need I say more?

  10. I've never seen so much read into a simple box cover art before...

    I do recall having the dwarf miniature a long time ago.

  11. Is this a repack of the older Grenadier AD&D Dungeon Explorers set?

    Good catch! Yeah, its the same stuff inside, as the product numbers are the same.

  12. "That sorceress may be the greatest fully clothed adventuress I've ever seen."

    My heart belong forever to the Ranger on the cover of Dragon #126 (with a respectful nod to the bat-fighting sorceress on #105), but I agree she's pretty awesome.