Monday, January 12, 2009

live finks

Minimus RPG - Dave, my original gaming buddy, tells me his group is going to give this a try. Looks pretty dang hippy to me, which is weird considering author Ken Burnsides also wrote Attack Vector, a game that I would only recommend to people who think SFB isn't crunchy enough.

Transcript from the World RPG Congress - HUZZAH!!!

Uncle Bear's Encounter Savage - Even if you are an unrepentant cretin who has zero interest in either Encounter Critical or Savage Worlds, do yourself a favor and at least look at the awesome pictures.

A gallery of painted Dr. Who miniatures
- It's amazing how incredibly nifty some of those crappy rubber aliens look as 28mm metal.

Scratch that project off the list! - Amityville Mike makes a PDF freebie for Labyrinth Lord/'81 Basic/Expert D&D that is astonishingly similar to something I was working on myself. Am I required to besmirch his reputation with baseless accusations now? Or do I go straight to challenging him to pistols at twenty paces? What's the protocol?

Just kidding about that 'unrepentant cretin' line.