Sunday, January 25, 2009

new look up top

What does everyone think of the new logo thing-a-ma-bob? I had trouble making up my mind between the graphic posted above and this one:

Both pictures speak to me in very personal ways. The Willingham illo (used as the cover art of the combined volumes 1 to 3 of TSR's Dungeon Geomorphs) pretty much depicts me as a D&D novice: a red-headed, freckle-faced kid gleefully stocking dungeons full of monsters. On the other hand, the Otus cover of D&D Basic is my personal starting point for me in this hobby. Not only did that illo grace the cover of my first set of rules, but the picture is the whole reason I noticed that weird pink box on the toystore shelf. I totally understand what Maliszewski is talking about when he waxes poetic about the black-and-white Sutherland pieces, but my heart always goes back to the gaudy colors of Otus, Willingham, and Roslof.