Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Nextwave has ruined me

The same comic that got me back into buying new comics has also spoiled me on new comics. I've tried following the new Midnighter and Iron Fist series, but it is just not working. It's not that those are bad comics. They both feature guys in ridiculous costumes beating up bad guys, one of my favorite comic genres. And they're skillfully written and drawn. Heck, a while back I did a little piece of fan art for those two books.

But this new decompression depresses me. This 'written for trade' style is an abomination unto the Lord and I will not tolerate it. If a writer can't advance the plot arc and simultaneously provide a good, complete, action-packed freak-out, then I say ditch the plot arc. Or better yet, bring in a writer than can deliver both a larger story and a fast-paced sinlge issue.

So here's the deal. I'm done with buying new monthlies until someone can approach the undiluted awesomeness of Nextwave. Otherwise I'll be sticking to trades, shitty old back issues, and graphic novels. I'm not paying three bucks for one sixth of a story where I have to wait six months for the big dramatic payoff. Not when that same three bucks will get me 6 issues of random Mantlo or Gerber or whatever from the fiddy cent bins.

Maybe I'll get some new indy stuff or the new Conan comics. Maybe not. I'll keep following the Invincible Super-Blog and Bully and other comics blogs, watching for the next thing that may light my jets. Until then, there's a wild world of back issues and reprints waiting to be read.