Friday, February 09, 2007

JL5K: Other Members

Power Lass was an experiment in how gratuitous I could make a superheroine costume with Heromachine. Answer: pretty damn gratuitous.
Singularity Zero is a mysterious non-human or post-human time traveller from the future (further upstream than the year 5000) with quantum powers. According to the DC One Million timeline the original Singularity (i.e. Singularity I) makes its first appearance further in the future.
Star Lad was an experiment mixing Heromachine and MS Paint to get a starfield effect kinda like the Marvel characters Eternity and Nebulon or that one Donna Troy costume.
Steel of the year 5000 AD actually recovered one of John Henry Irons' original powersuits. I really dig the boots.
Vulcana wields the Black Lightning, an enigmatic energy unknown to the previous centuries.

Dead Lass is known as The Ghost Who Haunts Mars. She looks like a Deadman legacy hero but she's really a cloned white martian that works for J'onn J'onz, who pretty much acts as the Martian Oracle of Year 5000.
This era's Flash is a sentient tachyon field held in a anthropomorphic containment suit. And he can run in outer space.
The current Green Lantern of Sector 2814 is an alien. He is only an associate or honory member of the Justice League because he does most of his work in other systems.
Hawk Lass is a Thanagarian police officer who acts as the League's liason to Interstel, the less-than-completely effectual Interstellar Police. She's got this mystical hammer that returns when she throws it. With the face I was trying to make her intentionally Not Pretty.
Every large superhero team needs a member who sucks so bad he makes the others look good. Katana Lad is that guy.