Thursday, January 04, 2007

a good night

Last night's World of Alidor game was a hoot, despite the dragon refusing to get into melee range with my badass barbarian. The big lizard had some giant buddies that weren't aerial, so I did get to sword some badguys. Add the Samurai Elves to the list of local cultures my PC loathes. Those guys are jerks. Pat brought along a bunch of old comics (Including two original OMAC issues! Holy crap!) and some "how to draw" books that he's lending to me. Could the drawing books be a commentary on my last art project? Hmmm.

And Doug gave me a present, a thank-you gift for the last campaign I ran:

Any book with more Warforged stuff gets a thumbs up from me.That was extraordinarily cool of him. I've got a totally rad bunch of players. And I'm not just saying that because sometimes they buy me stuff.