Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Since DriveThru and RPGnow announced they were merging I've been looking for someone to step up to the plate and offer a new PDF vending service. I really liked RPGnow but the people at DriveThru smell a bit too much of the White Wolf for me to be interested in giving them my money. (I still haven't completely stopped being grumpy over the pay to play fiasco, much less the earlier DRM debacle at DriveThru itself.) Steve Jackson's e23 remains a viable alternative, but the internet has plenty of room for some more competition. So imagine my delight when Mcrow posted this over at theRPGsite:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Open for Business(Dallas, Tx; January 1, 2007)

Your Games Now LLC has launched a cooperatively-run web site where publishers sell electronic products designed with tabletop gaming in mind, found at

" is a wonderful opportunity for publisher and customer alike," says Joseph Browning, President of Your Games Now LLC. "Publishers have a financial stake in the health of the site through profit-sharing, and customers know every purchase benefits not only the company that produced the material, but every company at the site. When the site performs well as a whole, every individual publisher on the site does better. This means customers are supporting publishers more-directly and that results in continued creation of exciting gaming material. Shopping at is almost like buying direct from each and every publisher selling on the site."

Mr. Browning further explained, "There is no other site where company A makes more money on the products they sell because a customer purchased a product from company B. I think this kind of cooperative profit-sharing will result in better products. Competition is always good for a customer because it results in more products to choose from, and for the first time, that same competition is also beneficial to publishers through profit-sharing. At, cooperation and competition are not exclusive. By providing their publishers a direct voice in the management of the site, ensures that what's good for the site is also good for the publishers and, therefore, customers."

At launch, customers can find products from the following companies: ØOne Games, Arion Games, ComStar Media LLC, Dog Soul Publishing, Expeditious Retreat Press, Fiery Dragon Productions, Goodman Games, Hinterwelt Enterprises, Ki Ryn Studios, Majestic Twelve Games, Misfit Studios, Victory by Any Means Games, and The Le Games. If you are interested in selling product at, please use the contact information below.

Joseph Browning
Your Games Now LLC, President
Phone: (214) 587-5693

The list of participants in this new venture is intriguing.