Thursday, January 18, 2007

news item:

The item below came to me via email. I know there are some other Star Frontiers fans out there.



We are happy to announce the beginning of a new era for New content, including full new print-ready revised and illustrated rules sets will soon be available, as well as a host of other EXCLUSIVE content. Among these little gems will be a new Animated Graphic Novel for the Star Frontiers setting. 3d ship designs, complete with drawing and animation software (all FREE) are or will soon be available, as well as a 650 MB Star Frontiers add-on for the Orbiter Space Simulator (a FANTASTIC quality realistic simulator...ALSO FREE). Some of this content can be viewed for a while yet at HTTP://ARSPONLINE.ORG/GAME.html , but will soon be on the new forum site. All old content on will be preserved, organized and presented all afresh as well. e-mail addresses for contributors and moderators will be available, and Play-by-email and Play-by-Post games will be ALWAYS available. Knight Hawks games will be available in a graphical setting, using the new Knight Hawks Vector rules. A Orbiter Space Simulator Multiplayer server will be on-line (as soon as the full Orbiter Multiplayer Module is released using all the Star Frontiers star systems, planets, and ships from the Frontier team's FRONTIER: 55CANCRI release (this message background is a screenshot from that).

More Forum Features, including code and image hosting, as well as private forums for GM's will be provided. Images and original 3d art including poseable SF Species figures, Ship Designs, and scenery is available.

Finally, for those that always wanted to create their own 3-d game environment, FREE training and software for Animation and programming, as well as a forum to support questions will be available.

Please visit and post! the User List is being updated as well!

Thanks Everyone, and Happy Gaming!
Art Eaton