Thursday, January 04, 2007

Have you seen this jedi?

My folks got me Lego Star Wars II for Christmas. My daughter Elizabeth and I really enjoyed the first installment but this one really improves upon the original. The one thing that's a problem is that we can't play Elizabeth's alltime favorite Star Wars character, Mace Windu, right out of the box.

This party's over, motherfuckers.
Although Lego Star Wars II only covers A New Hope through Return of the Jedi, I was expecting Mace Windu to be available because of the new character editor feature. As you finish levels new character parts are unlocked for use in the creator. It seemed like finishing a level added people from that particular adventure to the editor. But I cleared the entirety of Empire Strikes Back and still no Lando parts. Purple lightsabers are an equipment option, but I seem to be unable to build the one dude known for wielding such a device.

In the meantime, I made Leia Organa, Jedi Princess:

Any character built with a lightsaber in their hand gets to use the force and everything.  It's cool.
This image was made with Mini-Mizer, a cute little Lego People graphic program that does all the work for you. My Princess Leia in the game has the traditional buns on the side of her head and a purple lightsaber. The blue pants are just cause I thought she needed some color with her traditional all-white look.