Friday, January 19, 2007

Honcho? Wolf. There is trouble.

I consider Chris Sims to be my personal online comics guru. Dude hasn't steered me wrong yet. A while back Sims did a three part freak-out on Team America, another toyline comic written by Bill Mantlo. The basic deal with Team America is that they fight crime with the power of awesome motorcycling. When I got a chance to acquire issues 5, 6, & 7 for fifty cents apiece I snatched those puppies up. Here's a panel from number 5:

Wolf is basically Wolverine without the healing factor, claws, or admantium skeleton.I always find that sort of laconic understatement to be badass, whether its from a grim loner like Wolf (the dude on the phone here) or a stiff-upper-lip Brit or an intense samurai. The comic mentions that Wolf has never before asked for help from anyone in his entire life. So this is Wolf when things are at their most desperate. And that one panel is everything he says. Conan and the Man With No Name have had longer phone conversations than this. With each other.