Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Whaddya Mean I'm A Baron?!?

Friday night we played another session of Sue's D&D campaign, the one in which she's using the Adventure Keep line of pamphlet modules. The time we fought some pirates. Arrr, matey! I missed the last session or two and as a result discovered a very curious policy of hers: absent players do not equal absent characters. Your guy can't die or anything while you're gone, but you collect the xp so as to not fall behind the other party members. As a result my guy (Endrin Greencloak, rogue druid) advanced 2 levels before we started the adventure, despite not doing any work to earn them. I'd be slightly thrown by this fact, as I normally like to earn my xp's fair and square, expect that Endrin is a lazy bastard who does very little to earn his share of the xp anyway. Also Sue informed me that Endrin is now a baron in a far off land, since in a previous adventure the whole party earned patents of nobility. Baron Greencloak has a nice ring to it, but it's still a freaky way to stumble into a title. Sue was also kind enought to loan me all the pamphlets we have already played through. I'm stockpiling these sorts of things for a future C&C campaign, you know.