Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sometimes a d20 is just a d20.

I spent all morning grazing on chocolate chip cookies, so come lunchtime I really wasn't hungry. Since the weather took a turn for the warmer I decided to walk over to the Friendly Local Gaming Store. Turns out the floor of John's store is already beginning to re-acquire the layer of debris that was cleared out back in January. Between the local hobby & pet store being a nicer place to visit and Amazon being much cheaper on many items, I'm quickly running out of reasons to put up with his dangerously overcrowded shop.

After once again riffling through the used stuff I decided to buy just two things: the latest copy of Games Quarterly (which, it turns out, John gives away for free in his store) and a large d20. We're talking two inches in diameter. What can I say? I like big dice and I cannot lie. I imagine myslef keeping this bad boy up on a shelf and bringing it out only for those rolls where a PC's life hinges in the balance. I suppose if he had the one Carcassonne expansions I am missing I might've bought that, but if it was in stock I sure couldn't find the durn thing.