Monday, March 28, 2005

Weekly Game Roundup

Every once in a while you get together with your posse, crack open the books, get out the dice, and the night's assigned adventure never quite materializes. That happened to us Wednesday last week at the scheduled Feng Shui with the Pancake Hut crew. We all seemed to be poised ready to go and instead we spent the night engaged in a protracted bullshit session. I like to behave like a 'pro' when it comes to the hobby: show up on time, bring all the necessary equipment, stay on focus during the run, etc. But you know what? Sometimes this sorta thing just happens. You're hanging out with some cool people and you chitchat the night away. Frankly, I take it as a good sign when this thing occasionally happens. If you stay and shoot the breeze it's a pretty good indicator that you're hanging with a good crowd. By 8 o'clock I was dead certain that no run was going to happen, yet I stayed until 10:30. I could've grabbed Pat and gone to get a hamburger or something. The fact that I stayed means that I must like this group.

Friday night's Mutants & Masterminds game went well, I thought. My pacing was off, so a theoretically one issue storyline is now a two-parter. But I managed to introduce a nice little subplot for Cyborg, John's character, and I was able to present a nice little conundrum for the PCs: How do you smash the AIM base when it's located inside the Latverian Embassy? We'll find out Home Team's answer next month, true believers! Also, Don passed me a couple of useful MnM handouts he had found on teh intarweb and let me flip through his copy of the MnM Annual. I think I'm going to get myself a copy.

My folks are playing a game somewhat regularly, a nice little number named Sequence. This game is one of the absolute best family games you can find. If you can read a deck of card and know how to play tic-tac-toe, then you already know most of the rules to play. No gimmicks, just a straightforward game pretty much anybody ages 5 and up ought to be able to play. We played guys versus girls on Saturday. Pa and I took the first round and Ma and Amy won the second hand. We didn't have time for a rematch. Next episode, Blue Laser! Next episode!

This week's games ought to be boardgaming tonight with the usual Monday night gang and d20 Modern on Saturday. Ian and Alex are confirmed for d20M, so unless something changes that game will happen this time. I'm seriously considering hack a d20M SRD to produce a player's book for my campaign. This will allow me to rewrite the gun stats (chopping them down to Heavy Pistol, Light Pistol, etc.), add some stuff from other games (a different Action Point mechanic, the ka-chink rule from Feng Shui, the shotgun rules from Savage Worlds), and I can cleanly add classes I want the players to take while excising any I want them to avoid.