Friday, March 11, 2005

Feeling weird

I managed not to use the stupid vending machines at work this week. According to my crazy plan, that means I'm allowed to reward myself with some PDF goodness, but I flip through RPGnow and there was nothing I want to buy. Odd. Especially considering that I have like 20 items on my wish list there. Everything I look at just sorta falls flat. DriveThru is doing much for me either. I suppose if GDW had it's Trav stuff switched over to digital watermarking I'd go ahead an get that. But they're still in the conversion queue, so no Pocket Empires today.

What I really want to get is a bunch of shiny new hardbounds from Amazon. They've got all the D&D books I want at 30% or more off of cover price. Earlier today I came this close ][ to buying the 3.5 PHB, the Complete books, and Arcana Evolved. Retail price $170, but I could have it all for $112. Hell, with a little goading I would've bought the Advanced Player's Guide from Sword & Sorcery and/or the new Blackmoor hardback. But the responsible adult in me overruled the gonzo game geek. At least for now. Damn, those prices are good. It makes no sense for me to want to own Arcana Evolved or the Advanced Player's Guide unless I plan to run a D&D campaign, adapt them to C&C, or can find a loosey-goosey game to join. And Blackmoor serves no purpose unless I want to run another Blackmoor campaign. But they're shiny and I lust for them.

The 3.5 PHB and Complete Everything But Clerics are easier to justify if I follow through on my current fascination with Living Greyhawk. Maybe those four tomes and the Power Gamer's 3.5 Warrior Strategy Guide would be a better choice. I suppose the hardcore but cheapass way to go would be Complete Warrior and the strategy guide, with an SRD print-out subbing for the PHB. Then start out my Living Greyhawk career with some sort of fightguy. That would probably be the most sane way to begin.

Arcana Evolved is still shiny. We wants it.