Monday, June 04, 2012

What happened to the last expedition?

Any party ending a session of Doom of the Jaredites in the wilderness must roll on the chart below.  Note that sessions will general end after 2 hours of play.

Lost in the Wilds of Jared (d6)

  1. Entire party doomed.  DM may place their corpses and treasure anywhere he deems fit.
  2. Lone survivor returns bloody, naked and quite mad.  Every party member rolls d20, highest makes it out alive.
  3. Party gets more lost than you thought possible: all members must play in at least one session of some other FLAILSNAILS game before they can return to play at the Furthest House.
  4. Party emerges from the wilderness exhausted and in rags, each character carrying only one item of their choice.
  5. Party saved by some sort of friendly local creature(s), whose lair is now placed on map.  The lair now serves an additional homebase for purpose of these rules.
  6. Return to the Furthest House(home base), no hassles.

The Big Purple D30 rule may be used with this chart is a party member has not expended their d30 yet.

The Furthest House, domain of Lord Ahaziel and home base for the adventurers.
(Totally not Rivendell.)


  1. If the d30 is used, there should be an extra special result on a 30.

    "Returns with no hassles, complete with daring adventure of escape. Unfortunately that is a tale for another day...but also gains a free hat (or maybe something else)"

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    This campaign sounds really cool. I've never been on Google+ before, but I'm thinking of joining so I can get in on the lottery for a spot.