Thursday, June 28, 2012

If you hate Rust Monsters and Disenchanters...

...then you'll probably hate this monster too.

Its wordless wail will haunt your nightmares.
Invisible Monster a.k.a. Isaiah's Folly
Hit Dice: 8 
Armor Class: 0 [20] but 4 [16] if visible
# Attacks: 1 baleful eye (30' range)
Damage: d12
Move: 90', ignoring/blasting through many obstacles 
Morale: 10
Save As: F4

This blobby sci-fi creep wanders around, blasting holes in stuff and sucking the energy out of technological devices.  And like a big jerk he does it all while completely invisible.  Rayguns and flashlights and similar small devices take but a single round of his horrid glance to be completely drained.  If they are being held or worn by a character a save versus Death Ray is allowed, but at -4 due to the creature's invisibility.  Larger power sources like big 70's sci-fi computers or giant robots will take d6 rounds to de-power.

The baleful eye power of Isaiah's Folly cannot punch through stone of greater than 1' thickness and the creature probably can't cross water more than a couple feet deep.  Other than those limitations, it is an unstoppable juggernaut of energy-hunger.  In some campaigns this creature might be considered a native of the Negative Energy Plane, which might mean something.  Maybe it can be turned?  Hell if I know.

If you do not recognize the accompanying illo then I charge you with the mission of tracking down a copy of the Jonny Quest  episode "The Invisible Monster".  It is seriously one of the coolest cartoons ever made.

This monster is dedicated to all the FLAILSNAILS referees who had to put up with Philip the Bloody stinking up their campaign with the phaser he found in the Dungeons of Dundagel.


  1. If Gygax or whomever it was had a similar sentence at the end of the entries for those despicable creatures you lured me here with I probably would not hate them so foully.

    1. Anonymous1:34 PM

      Rust Monsters aren't so bad. Keep in mind they don't have a damaging attack so they're just big bags of free XP if you're prepped for them or are low level so your equipment is worthless anyway.

      They're SO good for low level parties, it makes sense to actively seek them out. I think oD&D even calls them 'friendly'... I want to try taming one by feeding it iron spikes then get it to chew open locks for me and disarm my enemies.

      I put some in the first level of my dungeon. When my players find them they'll hate me for it, not understanding that it's actually a kindness. They're going to groan and complain and I'm going to let them. Fun.

    2. You make a good point.

      The only times I've encountered them were when i was younger and I am 100% certain the DM put them there for the lolz.

  2. awesome, and just in time for CWR to disgorge its madmaxmobiles all over the flailsnailoverse.

  3. Johnny Quest FTW!

    Chuck some paint at it and reverse the polarity!


  4. "If you do not recognize the accompanying illo then I charge you with the mission of tracking down a copy of the Jonny Quest episode "The Invisible Monster"."

    Or watch Forbidden Planet, which they kind of tookk the idea from... although they went with a simpler backstory for the monster and chose paint instead of a temporary side effect of their electric fence.

    Both are still pretty cool.

  5. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Great episode. I only watched Jonny Quest for the first time last year, but I saw all the episodes. It holds up, and was a great adventure show like we never see today.

  6. I don't know why it never occurred to me to steal stuff from Jonny Quest.

    I wonder if they still rerun it on Cartoon Network...

  7. @ Ryan
    You can get the whole series on DVD. Well, well worth it.

  8. I've always hated the BS rationalizations given to "balance" games that mix (but not really) tech and magic. Like cybernetics dehumanize you so you can't use magic, or magic makes tech not work cause of hand waves. Anyway, the existence of this kind of monster on a particular planet is good explanation of why the tech gadgets of landing party stop working. Limitation, but with chance of party "working" around it.

  9. Now we just need a monster that eats memorized spells out of the caster's mind and one can create the perfect power-DMing encounter by piling these things in a room together. Not that anyone here would do such a thing - I approve of the horrible blob beast!

  10. That would be bad news in Carcosa. It's a good thing Cthulhu doesn't watch Jonny Quest... or does he?

  11. I Loved JQ as a kid and found that episode to be terrifying...esp when Hadji's jetpack would not start. Gave me the same feeling as when I was in a dream and could not run when I needed to. I need to re-watch the series.