Friday, January 20, 2012

Caves of Myrddin: meet Skeree the Bonewoman!

In her own words:

Me and Angus and Girl and Jackfather and Robert Butler and Dane-he-give-me-20-gold go out in cold country. Sky is wet and foggy and ground wet. Many black flyers. We look for beast (500-gold-worth! Seems many) but find Sorcerer! Sorcerer have smokenet and big chunk of meat (is good. I eat) and candlehand and bone hut (is not men bones. I check) and smokefish and pointy drawing. And Sorcerer has pool and Leg find men bones in pool! No good. Maybe Sorcerer is try to trap beast. Maybe Sorcerer beast. I face Sorcerer two times and I hit Sorcerer good two times and I live! But that is end of story and still beginning story now. Blackflyers are Sorcerer-friends! They tell him we hiding. Sorcerer him try to Sorcerer us two times. Once with purple ball. But I put Sorcerer down. And Jackfather or maybe Angus take candlehand and is makes smoke and we all run away and no look back. And I put Sorcerer down with axe and Leg and me and Robert Butler carry Sorcerer to Jackfatherfather Haddock. AND HE NOT KILL SORCERER! AND MAYBE HE FIX SORCERER AND SORCERER GO OUT AGAIN! I no understand. And Haddock say we bad and go back in caves and no find Sorcerers on cold country. If I know this I no take Sorcerer Jackfatherfather Haddock but I talk Sorcerer in cold country and I kill Sorcerer. But I put Sorcerer down and I take Sorcerer skullthing. Is good. Nobody die!

Father Jack's version of events can be found here.


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  2. Aye, it's all her bloody fault. I did quite like her though. She's not all bones under that robe, if you know what I mean. I'm off to the Blue Rabbit.

  3. In all fairness, she didn't start the fight. It was that sneaky Finn that struck the first blow.

    I did feel for you though: you just wanted to talk, civilized-like, find out what he was doing. It was a good idea.

  4. Oh nah, it was hilarious! :)

  5. I like Skeeree already. She's quite the character.