Monday, January 02, 2012

number 20 assumes actual pants pockets...

Earlier today Gameblog reader Logan Smith contacted me looking for a random chart detailing what you found while searching dead humanoids. I know I've seen such things before, but I didn't have one handy. So I whipped this up instead.

What's In the Dead Orc's Pockets? (2d10)
2. mysterious gem inscribed with rune, radiates magic
3. horrifically spiky sex toy
4. membership card for the Faceless Goons Union, Local 342
5. orcish-gnollish phrasebook
6. a dwarf beard or elf scalp
7. scrap of paper marked in orcish “I.O.U. fiddy gold - Hrunk da Ogre”
8. pet rat (2 in 6 chance bitten for 1 dmg, 50% diseased)
9. key to a nearby door or chest (50/50 chance)
10. d6 gold pieces
11. 3d6 silver pieces
12. half eaten onion, turnip, parsnip, etc.
13. pair of knucklebones (50% chance loaded)
14. vial of vile hooch
15. holy symbol of some evil religion, wooden
16. thumbscrews
17. small tin of black lotus powder (d6 doses, the cheap knock-off variety that still gets you high but tends to kill repeat users)
18. treasure map (35% chance ineptly made)
19. small pot of pepper (worth d4gp or so in some pseudo-medieval campaigns)
20. hole in pocket; you just accidentally touched orc nuts, dude!


  1. Anonymous7:41 AM


    I adapted the original table from a Judges' Guild module here

    and there is another nice random junk table here:

  2. I'm pretty sure Zak did a "what's in its pockets?" table, either in "Vornheim or on his blog.

  3. -kelvin

    that one was oriented toward random-ordinary-urban dead people. whole other thing., really

  4. excellent, little tables like this are great in the game for when the players start looting