Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Fantastic Adventures of Sir Nebbish

This scan is a page from the 1981 Heritage USA sales manual/catalog, the kind of thing meant for the hobby stores rather than the consumer.  Has anybody played the Heritage fantasy system Knights & Magick, mentioned in the last paragraph?


  1. Knights & Magick was my first set of mini rules.

    It came in a magnificent five-volume set. One whole book devoted to heraldry, painting, flocking, etc.

    Covered everything from tournaments to sieges, to an intensive campaign system (jacked from Tony Bath's Hyborian campaign).

    I was involved in an effort about 6 years ago to revive it in a second edition. (We didn't).

  2. Forgot to add that it had conversion rules for porting in your AD&D, Chivalry & Sorcery and Dragonquest characters.

    One of the books also was a monster index which has nice line drawings of most of Heritage's Dungeon Dwellers line with painting suggestion.

  3. It still confounds me that "role-playing" ended up the default term over "adventure gaming". :(

  4. I never got my hands on this, but I've heard it's a ton of fun. Some quick links:

    * Dungeon Dwellers Forum (the home site has plenty of pics/info)
    * QKM - Possible Reaper contact
    * Proboard mention

    (If you do Google search, remember to include the 'k' in magick...)

    I haven't had any luck establishing a dialogue with Heritage alumni, and my understanding is that many just don't want to talk about it anymore. I believe everything of Heritage (molds, rules, etc.) was eventually bought via bankruptcy sale, but is scattered to several owners. Damn shame. There's still a yahoo group of devoted mini collectors (disciplesofheritage).

  5. Disciples of Heritage is a good group, there is a related yahoo group that has zero discussion, but has almost all the rules and inserts from the Heritage adventure game playsets in the photos and file sections: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/heritagemodelsreference/

  6. @ck: Very cool link! I did not know about the reference group!

  7. @Matthew: 'Adventure Gaming' is a better term!

  8. I got several boxed sets of Heritage minis in 1981, from the Sears catalog I think. I never saw this minis game though.

  9. I bought my first set at Origins San Mateo, in 80 or 81. Played it to pieces.
    Noble Knight has the boxed set sometimes. And yeah, the guys in the online groups are cool.
    The rules are very granular. You can start out with a lowly knight and his trusty retainers, then after a bunch of campaign turns -- and the tabletop fights that resolve them -- end up with a warlord at the head of a grand army.
    My favourite part about armies is that they can look like the ones at 9:50 here:


    I dig that chaos.

    My friends and I would play across my whole basement floor using magic out of the PHB (Spell ranges in inches, yeah!)

    Anything I've ever wanted to be able to do in a medieval fantasy wargame is in there.