Saturday, January 28, 2012

Caves of Myrddin con session 1

Man, going to night class, then running an online game at 4:30 am, then working a full day and then running a 7pm to 11pm con game was a stupid, stupid plan.  Maybe if I was ten years younger I wouldn't feel it so hard, but right now I'm still pretty wrecked even after 7 hours of sleep.

But anyhoo, on with the session report.  I had six players last night.  Nick, one of my Wednesday night crew, signed up, so he played Vithujin, a.k.a. the infamous Elfy Don't.  I'm feel honored and gratified that a guy who plays my game for free every Wednesday would be willing to pay for an opportunity to play some more, but for some reason I also find it hilarious.  Either way Nick's a good guy and welcome in my game anytime.  Nick was extremely cool about not rubbing his extra levels and knowledge of the game in the other players' faces.

Next up is Shannon.  She and a couple friends (one of them her husband maybe? I forget) are regulars at my Winter War games.  It was good to see her again.  She played Linnea the Magic-User until an Arduinian morghoul (Like a ghoul, but even more so.  Grodd bless Dave Hargrave) floated across a pit and ripped her in half.  The party was totally patting themselves on the back about putting that pit between the monster and them.  When it just floated across the looks on their faces were priceless.  Later Shannon played Sophina the Dwarf and kicked some serious ass with a battle axe.  I forgot to ask her if her dwarf had a beard.

Matthew is a reader on the Gameblog and I got the impression that he boned up on the campaign matter.  He played Dandy Wasdewy, a Welshman and thief with one hit point.  Later he became known as Deadly Dandy Wasdewy, because of his affinity for scoring lethal criticals on monsters.  He killed the morghoul with a wicked crossbow shot and literally plucked out the black heart of a frog-demon with a spear.  The heart is still on his spear, beating malevolently.

Jim is an older guy with a beard and noted that he had an OD&D boxed set on a shelf somewhere.  He played an elf whose name I forget and was probably the most careful mapper I've seen.  Due to his precise mapping he located a 20' x 10' secret room with a silver idol of a dude with a goathead holding lightning bolts.  This was sold to a "collector of curiosities", which is Wasdewy-speak for "we sell it to the local coven of Satan and make up a cover story for the cleric."

Moira played Liddia the Elf.  She was the party sleep spell machine.  She also was very helpful in keeping Ian, her little brother, under control.  Ian played Ian the Cleric.  He was the youngest person in the group and combined the player personality type of Crazy Try Anything Guy and Doesn't Understand That Actions Have Consequences Kid.  Just the sort of dude I want in a con game.  He kept trying to find the rumored magic pig that grants a wish if you eat it.  He nearly found himself in William of Crevan's dungeon for braining one of his lord's peasant's prize porker.

Probably the highlight of the evening was when the party discovered the lair of Joe Mama's Mama, a big ugly troll in a pink floral muumuu.  They figured out out it was his mommy because they found a framed photo of him in a place of honor on her bookshelf.


  1. So, other than the "magic pig that grants you a wish if you eat it" what rumors were shared?

  2. Wasdewy felt like the luckiest 1hp bastard in the world. Without spoiling session 2, I'll point out that by the end of the session he was a 2 hp bastard and had lost all his money. Don't drink and invest kids.

    I had a blast - thanks Jeff.