Monday, January 30, 2012

Caves of Myrddin con session #3

Man, I don't remember all the details to yesterday's end-of-the-con run and I can't find my notes at the moment, so I'm just going to hit some bullet points.
  • The head of the Spaniard now sits atop a stake outside Castle Bottreaux.  He was found monkeying with the infernal machine inside one of the cliffside caves.  He tried to parley with the party in Spanish, but they bumrushed the dude and murdered him for the reward money.
  • Father Daffyd, a Welsh priest, fell in the pit trap in front of the shrine of the anti-Madonna.  This stone statue of the vampiric virgin beheading the Christchild was carried up to the surface (no mean feat, given the Shrine is well below the bottom of the Vast Spiral Stairs below the Smoking Tower) and carried to the Abbey.  The Abbot ritually desecrated the statue, then it was busted to shards by two burley brothers wielding mattocks.  The pieces were then buried.
  • Speaking of the spiral stairs, most of the party fought a Naga on the steps.  She charmed two party members but their threat was countered by good spell deployment.  I fumbled a constriction attack by the Naga and it knotted itself up for three rounds, during which time it was hacked to pieces.  Brother Cadfael's nephew/hopeless loser Courtney the Hideous spent the whole fight dangling from a rope, calling out nervously "Hello? Is anybody up there?"
  • The next trip into the dungeons the party decides to descend via the hatch in the North Tower.  Harold the Adequate pops open the hatch and invited poor Courtney to go first.  Courtney sighs and complies, as usual.  Neither Harold nor Courtney noticed there were no stairs here and the poor kid fell twenty feet to his death.  Several sessions back this same Harold was the one who "saved" Courtney from green slime by horribly burning his face, giving the hireling his appellation "the Hideous".  Courtney was given a proper burial, unlike several PCs this weekend.
  • Also fun: Harold and Cadfael's previous adventure had been online.  This was there first face-to-face game together.
  • The party explored the level accessible only via the tube previously covered by the metal grate.  You know, the one with the two demon statues.  The visited the Fairy Land Annex, fought spider-crabs, and nearly succumbed to some sort of ammonia base gas several times.  They also almost encountered the mad gnomes, who the fairies warned "will give you wedgies or steal your cheese".
  • My hat off to Liddia the Elf, the only newly made character to survive all three sessions and make it to second level in the process.


  1. Awesomeness, as is to be expected. Father Jack is now wracked with guilt (as much as that's possible for him) over the death of The Spaniard. He also wonders (as much as that's possible for him) what the Spaniard's true motives and intentions were.

  2. What did the "desecration" entail?

  3. I do too - I tried my ring of Person Control followed by Hold Person, both failures. Maybe he left some notes?

  4. Juliet Y10:17 PM

    A few more details I remember...

    The reason Courtney got that proper burial was because the two junior clerics insisted. The rest of the party was all for stepping over the smouldering remains (once the lantern he had been carrying went out) and continuing.

    And don't forget Harold the Adequate going out carousing to Courtney's memory two nights in a row and waking up married after the second time...or is he? He bribed Vicar Cadfael to put the wrong name on the marriage certificate, so he might be angling for an annulment here...

    Juliet (aka Brother Egfrith)

  5. Harold is married, or possibly "married," depending on how well the good Vicar bungled the paperwork, to Beatrice, the eldest daughter of someone-the-Alewife.

    I think he's gonna spend a lot more time in the dungeon.

    But he's made it to third level, and he continues to grow a personality. I now know what he looks like: Dave Trampier, specifically on the back of the DM's screen. I'm pretty sure that (and Emirkol) is a self-portrait.

  6. Dammit, every time I read one of your play reports I wish I could have been there. I never have been, because I live two hours in the wrong damn direction.

    If I ever make it to one of your games, live or online, I'm going call my PC Sir Galahad the Pure, because this lookie-but-no-touchie is giving me blue dice.

  7. Juliet: this is the problem with adventuring with a bunch of murdering thieves. The French ones are the worst!

    Harold paid for a spelling error, but he had plenty of witnesses to the marriage so I doubt that's enough, but I'm sure I can think of something once the church in Camelton is fixed.

  8. I don't think any of those witnesses can be counted on to accurately describe anything beyond the color of the liquid inside their mug/glass. At any rate, who are the authorities going to believe, a bunch of drunken townies and adventurers, or the right honorable Vicar of Camelton? ;)