Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jeff's Quick Guide to Judges Guild Links

The Official Website

Judges Guild Cafe Press Store
Buy cool maps and other JG swag!

The joint JG/Necromancer Games website
Devoted to the d20 version of the Wilderlands, but old schoolers should visit the fan stuff and download sections.

Judges Guild forum at Necromancer Games
Good discussion with little sign of Edition War shenanigans.

Judges Guild at The Acaeum
A guide for collectors, with a nice discussion forum.

RPGNow JG store
Selling PDF versions of many classic JG titles.

Adventure Games Publishing
Specializing in the Wilderlands of High Adventure, a modern updating and expansion of the classic JG setting. Great stuff!

Majestic Wilderlands
Personal campaign notes of all-around cool guy Rob Conley.

Bill Owen's Ebay Stuff
Original Guildmaster Owen sometimes sells unique JG items.

Different Worlds' JG section
Buy many old Guild items in new condition at original list price!