Friday, October 05, 2007

Rebel Scum: not dead yet

In a previous post I was asked if my new sandbox OD&D campaign was replacing my Star Wars Saga Edition campaign. The short answer is no. Wednesday next week will be session 2 of Rebel Scum, wherein the crew of Green 13 rendezvous with the Tantive IV to deliver the crucial Death Star data. We had to put the campaign on hold as I packed up my game room for last weekend's big move to the new Rients family residence. Last month there was a two week period where I couldn't even tell you where my dice bag was. That was weird.

I'm seriously considering starting a second biweekly campaign for the all-new World of Cinder. Voting just closed and I'm sticking with the clear winner. Thanks to everyone who voted! I think by keeping the rules for Cinder light, I can keep up with running a game every week. But I'm still mulling that over.

As usual, I've also got a armful of other games I'd like to run soon. Right now the hot list consists of Forward... to Adventure!, In Harm's Way: Aces in Spades, and Aces & Eights. I'll maybe run one of those as a con game in February, but I'd really like to try Aces in Spades for at least a couple sessions before I review it. And Aces & Eights looks just too damn awesome to run merely as one-off.