Friday, October 05, 2007

Mightiest Monsters: Cook/Marsh Expert

In my mind, it's the Cook/Marsh Expert set where the judge finalizes the divorce between AD&D and 'Classic' D&D, so to speak. And the monster section is where this separation is most obvious. Absent are the Gygaxian Icons such as the beholder, mind flayers, etc. Here are the highest hitdice baddies in the '81 Expert rules.

Roc (6-36 HD)
Whale (6-36 HD)
Dragon Turtle (30 HD)
T. Rex (20 HD)
Golems (2+2 to 20 HD)
Elementals (8 to 16 HD)
Purple Worm (15 HD)
Mastodon (15 HD)
Giant Crocodile (15 HD)
Giants (8-15 HD)
Cyclops (13 HD)
Frost Salamander (12 HD)
Titanothere (12 HD)
Hydra (5-12 HD)
Stegosaurus (11 HD)
Triceratops (11 HD)
Giant Sturgeon (10+2 HD)
Efreet (10 HD)
Black Pudding (10 HD)

Who knew Giant Sturgeon were so nasty? I love how many of the critters listed here are basically wild animals on steroids or dinosaurs.