Friday, October 12, 2007

Cinder map 1st draft

Before I put pencil to my Judges Guild brand numbered hexsheets I wanted to rough out the larger features for my 5 mile/hex wilderness map.

The names might be changed in later versions.

This is the central region of the campaign world, tucked nicely between the Overlord of the Occident, the Empire of the East, the Necromaster Up North, and the Sultanates of the South. Between those various powers is a squabbly region that just can't get its act together. That's where the adventurers start.

Does anyone with a better eye for geography see anything that is obviously wrong with this map? Any opinions on how many active volcanoes I can get away with? Should the Littleass Swamp shoot fire and be home to Rodents Of Unusual Size? I'm thinking yes. Or possibly HELL YES!