Monday, October 22, 2007


For the next Winter War gaming convention I will be running the final installment in my Encounter Critical epic, the Obiwan Shinobi Trilogy. Not that I'm through with EC or anything, I'm just going to be done milking the name Obiwan Shinobi for session titles. "Obiwan Shinobi in the Wilden West" will be set on the faraway planet Tech's Arcana, a rootin' tootin' outerspace cowboy planet. With ninjas and warlocks and stuff. I'm going to be making up some pregen PCs like in the past, but I've decided that I am going to allow folks to bring their own characters as well. Here are my draft rules for making your own PC.

1) Roll stats using the methods outlined in the EC rulebook. Obvious cheaters will be declared both nonscientific and unrealistic and subject to the full disciplinary measures of the International Journey Master's Association. Whatever those might be.

2) Your character receives 6,321 experience points if they choose a single profession. For characters with two professions split 4,213 points between the two classes as you see fit.

3) In addition to the races and classes in the main rulebook, the new races (Cyclops, Hutt, and Duckoid) and the new profession (Pugilist) from Asteroid 1618 are legal. To download a copy of A1618 visit either the Wordwide Adventure Writing Month archives or the Files section of the EC mailing list. The new races are on page 79 and the Pugilist rules are on pages 76 and 77.

4) You receive twice the starting gold allowed to first level characters with which to purchase equipment. You may buy any items from page 29 of A1618, the EC equipment charts, and the official armor table. Everyone gets a free suit of Western Duds, Cheesey Sci-Fi Apparel, or some unholy combination of the two.

5) You may select one unpriced item from A1618 or EC rulebook for free, but unique items will be subject to roll offs if two players pick the same unique item. For example, if two players wish to possess the Demon-Christened Sword of Teneblarr then they will roll dice to determine who gets the blade. Pick a back-up item just in case. As an alternative, simple create your own special item and see if the JM likes it or not.

6) Warlocks get one spell per level in their grimoire/wand/crystal ball/whatever and may select any spells in the rules. They may totally make up one new spell, but it needs to be in line with the samples provided in the main rulebook.

7) Warriors may start with a unique weapon of their own devising, subject to JM approval of the stats.

8) Go ahead and make some crazy stuff up. Maybe I'll like it and allow it.

9) Feel free to make more than one character. The Wilden West is a deadly place.

Anything I'm missing?