Monday, October 15, 2007

Mightiest Monsters: Chainmail

Chainmail, the precursor to D&D, doesn't use hit dice. So instead I'm going to go by the point value of the various monsters. Normal figures like elves and orcs and such all have point values of 5 or less. Here are all the monsters listed at 10 points or more.

Basilisk (not rated, see below)
Dragon (100)
Troll (75)
Giant (50)
Lycanthrope (20)
Roc (includes wyverns and griffons) (20)
Ogre (15)
Treant (15)
Wraith (10)
Wight (10)

Elementals are not given a point value because they can only be brought into play when a wizard summons one, but they would easily make this list otherwise. Basilisks are unrated because their devasting stone gaze is considered beyond the scope of the point system to measure. That puts them on the top of the food chain, in my opinion. Trolls come in very strong with 75 points, more than a standard Giant and almost twice as many points as a Super-Hero. That's because they are effin' hard to kill. In the rulebook the entry for Trolls lists the two subcategories Ogre and Troll (True), making Ogres non-regenerating trolls. In my old Greymoor Campaign (my 3e campaign nominally set in the World of Greyhawk version of Blackmoor) I had some special stats made up for True Trolls. They were a sort of Super-Troll and meant to be one of the tougher encounters in the campaign. The party never fought one. I may have to use the True Troll in Cinder.