Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Source of the Pestilence

That swirling cloud above the pyramid is all noxious and greenish.Here's the location of tonight's scheduled dungeoncrawlery, Dungeon Crawl Classic #23, The Sunken Ziggurat. (Note to my players: Only follow that link if you want to be spoiler-ified.)

Remember last week when I was freaking out over a lack of player response to my last campaign e-mail? Turn's out Pat's been sick, Jason's grandmother is also ill, and Doug has been in Vegas whooping it up with his wife. Jason won't be able to join us tonight because he'll be visiting his grandma, but hopefully Pat will be feeling well enough to play. Here's wishing a speedy recovery to both of them. I find it very weird that the week I plan a quest to stop a eerie pestilence is the same week that illness threatens to halve the number of players at the table.