Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Odinsday Update #5

In the week since your return from the Canyon of Chaos everyone has spent at least 100gp on miscellaneous expenses.
Reports are coming in of more evil spirits roaming the lands.  Some are manifestations of ill weather, like the one you fought atop the Sunken Ziggurat.  Others spread pestilence, as seen at work among the farms near Beppo's Keep.  A third kind can drive men to madness.  These spirits of madness have worked the primitive duergar living in the forest into a blood-frenzy.  They now roam the land in war parties, attacking travellers and burning farms.  A large party of these creatures attack Bartertown and set much of it ablaze.  Into this mess marched the punitive expedition from Osvar.  When the force stopped for a few days at the Keep their leader, Torfi Blood-letter, attempted to recruit you.  Zoyd Sampson was the only one among you moved by Torfi's words and so he signed on to hunt the duergar in their own shadowy forest.  The very night following Zoyd's departure, the rest of you are all but thrown out of the keep by Sigurd Half-Jotun and his guards, who informs you in no uncertain term that you are not welcome back to the keep until you have fufilled your oath to destroy the evil of the Sunken Ziggurat.  Sigurd is no fool and waits until you were all deep in your cups before ejecting you.
If you plan to avenge this rough treatment, please let me know so I can have stats ready for Sigurd and the guards.