Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Name that nerd

I need some help from the distributed metamind of geekdom. Here are a couple of panels of Action Comics Weekly #615 from August 1988. ACW was an anthology series with 48 pages split among 6 different stories. I bought issue 615 on a lark because it had Wild Dog on the cover. That guy is both ridiculous and violent, which is exactly how I like my comical funnybook vigilantes. Anyway, there's this sequence in the Nightwing storyline where he and Speedy are in London. Near the end of the installment Nightwing consults the gang in Titan Tower via phone. Can someone please identify the goofy-looking redhead with the glasses?

He only appears in these two panels and a wide-angle group shot. I'm left with the distinct impression from the way he's treated in the story that this kid is a member of the Titans.

I'm curious about this guy mainly because back in '88 that's exactly how I would have dressed, had I spent my money on clothes instead of games and comics.

Well, maybe I would have picked a different color for the tie.