Friday, May 04, 2007

What have you fiends done with my real players?

It's only been a couple of days since I mailed out my latest campaign update to my the players of my Beyond Vinland game, but I'm a little suprised at the lack of reponse. I know my writing writing wasn't exactly a brilliant piece of literature, but I thought Big Jerk Needs Your Help + Free Magic Stuff = Interested Players. At least Stuart spoke up to express interest in the magic bastard sword.

But where is everybody else? Really, I would gladly take any response from "That magic spear is totally mine" to "We'll need a magic item and 1,000gp each to take the job" to "To Hel with the cranky castellan and his shiny toys, we're going to continue to plunder the Canyon of Chaos". Heck somebody complaining ("Why is the spear so much better than the longsword?") might be better than silence. At least that player would be engaged.

So Doug, Pat, you're regular readers of this here blog. What's the deal? Have you just been too busy to respond? Is my adventure pitch just lame? I'm genuinely curious what's going on here.