Monday, May 21, 2007

They're watching me!

Remember last week when I called YourGamesNow a bunch of dirty hippies? I was just kidding, as I hope everyone understood. Since RPGNow got in bed with the bunch at DriveThruRPG I had been looking for a new source of PDF goodness and YourGamesNow fits the bill quite nicely. I only bring this topic back up because SiteMeter is showing that last week's post is being linked from YourGameNow's forums. I wanted to see what was being said, so I registered and tried to trackback to the thread. Here's the message I got back:

Sorry, but only users granted special access can read topics in this forum.
That's no fair! I want to see what all y'all are saying about little ol' me! This is extra disappointing after I played nice last time people were talking smack about me. Not that I know people are talking smack. But I did call them hippies and communists, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone got pissed off.

Anyway, if you folks from YourGamesNow are still here, please assure anyone back at your place that I wasn't trying to pick on anyone!