Tuesday, May 22, 2007

new PDFs of note

'No Elves, no Dwarves, no kindly Wizards in pointy hats, just brawny guys in loincloths and gals in chainmail bikinis fighting demons, sub-human ape-men, and evil sorcerers.' -author
I've been meaning to try out the 1PG system for some time now. With the various 1PG games selling for $3.95 a pop, you can hardly go wrong. Especially when you consider that their selection hits all the right genre notes. Broadsword is the latest addition to the 1PG family. It's pure Howard-style swords & sorcery (no Tolkien added) brought to you by Jeff Mejia, Jeff Hebert, and James Stubbs. Jeff Mejia is perhaps better known as the Evil DM. He's a huge fan of Conan and barbarian fiction in general and totally the kind of guy I want writing a game like this. I need another game about axe-swinging barbarians like I need another hole in the head, but I trust Jeff to do it up right. Jeff Hebert is the guy behind HeroMachine, which is one of the bestest things ever created in the entire history of the universe. He also has a nifty blog. I pretty sure I don't know James Stubbs from Adam, but if the two Jeffs vouch for him then he's okay in my book.

So anyway, if you dig mighty-thewed maniacs chopping down demons and sorcerers, then you might want to check out Broadsword.

I haven't really followed Wolfgang Baur's Open Design project. I'm not even entirely sure I know what the hell it is. But in these dark days of the impending end of Dragon and Dungeon, Baur's announcement of a new D&D zine is welcome news, even if the zine is to be in PDF format. Kobold Quarterly is being offered at $12 for 4 issues. Here are the highlights of issue 1:
  • The first installment of the Princes of Hell series

  • A Dungeon Design column about the Underdark

  • Monster tables for the Empire of the Ghouls

  • An interview with Paizo Publisher Erik Mona

  • A monster ecology chosen by Open Design patrons

  • Overview of the Free City of Zobeck