Thursday, May 17, 2007

Essential Bronze

The Essential line of reprints from Marvel are a great boon to anyone who enjoys old school Marvel action. Each phonebook-sized black & white reprint contains 25 or more issues worth of material. I only own two Essentials right now, Essential Avengers volume 4 and Essential Defenders volume 1. Because they were both so fabulous, I decided to research what other volumes in the line contained 70's and early 80's material. That's the period of most interest to me, the so-called Bronze Age of Comics. Here's the list I came up:

Spider-Man 4-7
Avengers 4 & 5
Conan 1
Daredevil 3
Defenders 1 & 2
Doctor Strange 2
Godzilla 1
Ghost Rider 1
Howard the Duck 1
Hulk 3 & 4
Iron Fist 1
Killraven 1
Luke Cage 1 & 2
Marvel Team-Up 1 & 2
Marvel Two-In-One 1
Monster of Frankenstein 1
Nova 1
Official Handbook 1
Peter Parker 1 & 2
Punisher 1
Savage She-Hulk 1
Spider-Woman 1
Super-Villain Team-Up 1
Tales of the Zombie 1
Tomb of Dracula 1-4
Werewolf by Night 1
X-Men 1-7


*A good argument could be made that the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe was one of the books whose publication signalled the end of the Bronze Age.

**Volumes 3 and 4 reprint some of the black & white Dracula mags. They have been edited for nudity, so if you insist on nipples in your vampire books you will need to track down the originals.

***Only volumes 1 and 2 of the X-Men include any 70's material. The later volumes transition from the Bronze Age to the Modern Age of Comics. At what point that happens I don't know.