Friday, May 04, 2007

The Saga continues

Has everyone been following the previews for the new Saga Edition of Star Wars d20 that Wizards is supposed to be releasing this month? I think it's looking pretty sweet. I've never run or played any of the previous Star Wars rpgs, which always struck me as very weird behavior on my part. Why would a roleplaying nerd who likes Star Wars not try a Star Wars rpg? I honestly can't explain my behavior.

And this new edition is coming out at a time when my faith in the forthcoming 5th edition of Traveller, and its ability to impact the hobby positively, is at a low ebb. Everything I see on the message boards and other sources tells me that Marc Miller is writing a game that will only be of interest to people who are already fans of the Traveller franchise. I want a sci-fi game I can pitch to people who haven't already drank the Trav koolaid.

Here's the other thing that's making me consider hopping onboard the Saga train. The RPG section of my local con seems to be treading water or maybe even slowly dying. The Living Greyhawk section is going full steam ahead, but the rest of the roleplaying games are starting to look as crusty and insular as the guys who've run the same minis games for the last 20 years. No offense to those minis dudes, but I want a more fresh and exciting vibe out of the RPG department.

My buddy Doug pointed out recently that part of the problem was so many of the GMs run the same old games every year. We need some fresh, exciting material. The year I ran two 3E games it was still the hot new thing and I had absolutely no trouble filling those tables with people eager to play those games. I think I need to do something like that again. Sure, those games were me jumping on the bandwagon. But plenty of people wanted to be on that bandwagon with me. And that's kinda the point, I guess. For Winter War to continue to bring people in the door we need to be offering the games people want to play.